Dandelion Chocolate
Bean to Bar Lounge Omotesando GYRE

Meet your favorite chocolate!

This is the first tasting lounge by Dandelion Chocolate,
a craft chocolate company from San Francisco founded in 2010.
For chocolate-lovers to truly enjoy the variety of flavors and unique nuances
found in single-origin cacao, we have incorporated our chocolate
into many desirable forms: store-exclusive pastries, confections and drinks.
From the beginning, Dandelion Chocolate
has been committed to “Bean to Bar” chocolate production
—maintaining careful control over the whole process—
from buying the beans to packaging and labeling the products.
This process brings out each bean’s inherent character.
Chocolate’s full potential could be explored right here at this “concept shop.”

11:00 - 20:00



Enjoy “Bean to Bar” chocolate confections at the lounge

Dandelion Chocolate’s ingredients are very simple:
single-origin cacao beans (hand-selected by us) and organic cane sugar—nothing more—
resulting in very smooth chocolate with notably distinct flavors derived from the cacao’s origin.
Cacao beans from the same area and same farm may also have flavors and aromas
that differ from each harvest to another.

What makes “Bean to Bar” chocolate stand-out lies in the “methods”
that Dandelion Chocolate has developed through countless trials and experiments at each stage of the process
—to bring out the characteristics of each single-origin bean.
The tasting lounge is a place for comparing flavors of different chocolates incorporated into pastries
and confections such as gâteau au chocolat, macaron, and soft serve cream.
This a great way to further discover the allure of craft chocolate.
We welcome you to our Bean to Bar Lounge,
our spacious counter and the adjacent HAY TOKYO space, to relax and enjoy Dandelion Chocolate.

Photos courtesy of Dandelion Chocolate Japan