Dandelion Chocolate

The Evolved Chocolate Experience

Dandelion Chocolate, Omotesando is a cafe and shop where
you can experience the uniqueness of cacao beans with
all five senses through the craft of Bean to Bar chocolate.
Focusing on the Craftsman, our Exquisite product standards,
and Intimate connection to our work and community,
we continue to challenge ourselves with delightful
innovations using only the best seasonal ingredients.
Come and relax in our cozy open space and enjoy
the Omotesando exclusive drinks and pastry menu.

11:00 - 20:00



Enjoy “Bean To Bar” As Patisseries

Dandelion Chocolate has been making chocolate using only the
best-picked single-origin cocoa beans and organic cane sugar.
Our chocolates express delightful smoothness and
notably distinct flavors from each origin.
Cocoa beans, furthermore, can vary from
year to year even from the same growers.
That is why we pursue highly individualized recipes that
emphasize the characteristics of each unique harvest,
and we believe that this is the process that
makes “Bean To Bar” chocolates stand out.
At our Omotesando Café, we carefully prepare our menu:
a simple approach using seasonal ingredients that truly compliment the cocoa.
Come enjoy our Chocolate Shortcake, H2O Chocolate Mousse,
creamy Soft Serves and a great variety of chocolate delicacies that will
awaken you, once again, to the allure of craft chocolates!

Photos courtesy of Dandelion Chocolate Japan