The Oldest Fine Leather Goods House in the World

Founded in 1829, Delvaux has been granted the title of
‘Purveyor to the Court’ of the Kingdom of Belgium.
Steeped in the spirit of Belgian surrealism,
la maison Delvaux brings a witty approach to all its creations,
infusing each design with an unconventional and original touch to complement
its architectural and innovative form.
Delvaux rigorously selects only the finest leather.
In the hands of its highly skilled leather artisans,
its bags become genuine works of art.
This flagship boutique, one of the largest in Asia,
exudes the sophisticated elegance and creativity of la maison Delvaux.

Traditional Belgian aesthetics blended with contemporary taste

Delvaux, founded in Brussels, Belgium, in 1829, has a long and distinguished history.
Its tradition of exquisite interiors grounded in Flemish style
continues in the brand’s first concept boutique in Japan.
Its interior design, from the passageway walls
with gently undulations that resemble a Venetian corridor,
to the display cabinets that would be appropriate for exhibiting works of art,
is the work of Martine Feipel and Jean Bechameil, a duo of artists based in Luxemburg.
The prestigious image is further enhanced by modern and playful accents
such as wire-mesh paneling and ornamentation
that appears to be reconstructed from picture frames.
The narrative of the Delvaux brand’s history is particularly evident
in a lounge-like room encapsulated in the design,
forming a symbolic space that communicates the harmony of universality and innovation,
a harmony that is echoed by the lineup of bags on display.