The “vortex”
creates energy

The building designed by the Dutch architecture firm MVRDV stacks the floors like five boxes and then twists them into a spiral.

This shape gives it an organic appearance, as if it were a living thing with its own will. The impression that it is not stationary—rather, that it is moving or trying to move—gives the GYRE building a magnetic force that attracts people.

Plants enhance
our experience

The greenery at the building entrance was installed by artist and botanist Patrick Blanc. The vibrant vegetation enveloping solid shapes creates a gentle boundary around the spiral staircase leading to the basement.

Take in the colors, shapes, and textures of the more than fifty varieties of plants, including many that are unfamiliar.

Green power

GYRE has obtained Green Power Certification. Since April 2019, some 500,000 kWh per year of the power used in the building has come from green power sources (renewable energy from sources such as solar and biomass). This reduces annual CO2 emissions by about 15%.

Thinking about how our own consumer behavior affects society is one step that is part of the “SHOP & THINK” credo adopted by GYRE since it opened.

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