Breaths intertwine in peaceful soundscape
Green Chandeliers

This is the sixth summer installation to tune in to the Omotesando summer. Visitors taking a break can look up at the greenery suspended in the atrium space and inhale the atmosphere. The sound of breathing intertwines with Marihiko Hara’s sound installation to create a peaceful soundscape. This restful space, a place to pause and relax, is one of the delights of GYRE this summer.

JTQ Inc.JTQ Inc. is a “space creation consulting firm” providing creative direction for clients to enable them to deliver their messages through the medium of space. JTQ provides spatial development for events, exhibitions, and installations. It has produced its own space compose method for spatial development, and gained popularity in a variety of fields for experience design that integrates the environment with specific situations.

Marihiko HaraMarihiko Hara is a composer and graduate of the Faculty of Education at Kyoto University. His main interest is to compose serene silence in music and to pursue his own texture of sounds through electric/acoustic sounds and field recordings. His albums include “Landscape in Portrait,” which he released worldwide in 2017 as a solo artist. His wide range of activities includes an impromptu performance with Ryuichi Sakamoto, and producing sound and music for Hideki Noda, Kohei Nawa, and Damien Jalet. He has participated in the art collective Dumb Type, as well as the Dumb Type exhibition at Centre Pompidou-Metz, and in Shiro Takatani’s ST/LL and CHROMA performances.


Period: August and September 2018 / 11:00 - 20:00 / Open every day
Organizer: GYRE
Music: Marihiko Hara
Production: JTQ Inc.
Press Contact: HiRAO INC (03-5771-8808 /
Venue: GYRE 1F - 5F