GOMA’s multisensory World of Light

Insights on the source of life

The works of GOMA—an artist whose talent for painting blossomed after a traffic accident—have emerged from his unique experience of the lingering effects of that accident, which led him to produce works that capture the “light” at the border between life and death. His paintings make the invisible world visible and invite the viewer to engage in introspection. Through newly created paintings and music, in this exhibition GOMA offers insights into the transcendent light that is the source of life shared by all people.

A journey into art

GOMA, who had won fame as a didgeridoo player, began painting in 2009, just two days after he was involved in a traffic accident. Although he had hardly ever painted before, he became so engrossed that he spent most of the day creating art. But at the same time, he suffered from complications like higher brain dysfunction and memory loss. GOMA was later diagnosed with acquired savant syndrome, a condition in which people develop special talents as a result of a brain injury.

World of light

What GOMA paints are the visions that have come to him while he is unconscious due to the aftereffects of his accident. The visions begin in a space shrouded in pure white luminous substance, where there is only light. He says that he has no emotions at all. There is no fear, but neither is there any feeling of joy or happiness. Then, the luminous substance gradually takes on colors, and as he is regaining consciousness he feels his brain and body merging. He explains that the way that the colors develop varies each time. GOMA calls this world full of hope that he sees after having lost consciousness the “world of light.”

Changing world, unchanging light

Through his works—which are based on the visions he has seen since his accident—GOMA reexamines the existence and meaning of this light, which is unchanging despite the constant changes in the everyday world. As we peer at the relationship between the inner light experienced by GOMA and the light of the outside world, and then wonder what meaning this “light” has for us, his works encourage us to make our own interpretations of the light, and invite each viewer on a journey of introspection and discovery.
GOMA is a musician who plays the didgeridoo, a traditional Aboriginal instrument, and also a painter. In 1998, he was the runner-up in the Barunga didgeridoo competition held in Australia, and he performed at venues inside and outside of Japan. In 2009 he was involved in a traffic accident and stopped playing due to symptoms of higher brain dysfunction. However, just two days after the accident he began to create paintings composed from intricate dots, and since then he has mounted numerous solo exhibitions at venues including Australia’s Backwoods Gallery (2016), Shinjuku Takashimaya Art Gallery (2018 and 2019), PARCO Museum Tokyo (2022), PARCO Gallery Osaka (2023), and PARCO Gallery Nagoya (2023). In 2012 he appeared in the biographical documentary Flashback Memories 3D, which won the Audience Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival. In 2021, he was responsible for the entrance music for the illuminated truck in the 2020 TOKYO Paralympic Opening Ceremony. In 2022, he was the music director for the play Shuku-shuku to Unshin [Stitchers] and created art used in the play.
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GOMA: World of Light

May 4-June 29, 2024 / 11:00-20:00
GYRE GALLERY, GYRE 3F, 5-10–1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
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Yoga + didgeridoo performances

GOMA will lead yoga + didgeridoo sound massage experiences in the solo exhibition space.
(This event is now fully booked.)
May 11 (Sat) / May 19 (Sun) / May 26 (Sun)
Jun 9 (Sun) / Jun 16 (Sun) / Jun 23 (Sun)
starting at 9:45