Yuriko Takagi photography exhibition: chaoscosmos vol.1 — icing process —

Message in natural phenomena
invisible to the naked eye, received through the lens

chaoscosmos vol.1 —icing process—

After moving to a colder climate, I attempted to make ice on a sub-zero night by filling a small container with water. Water has the property of gradually beginning to freeze from the outside toward the center. One morning, by chance, I witnessed the process of water transforming into ice. It was a process of the growth of transparent crystals thinner than mica, pulling each other. The transparent crystals were not visible in the clear water, but once exposed to air and light, they revealed themselves to me in an instant. From that moment on, my observation and photography of ice began. Even under the same conditions, no two ice crystals appeared in the same shape, and I was amazed at the spectacular diversity of ice every day. The freezing process, which is like a microcosm of the diversity of the universe, is a mystery [secret ceremony?] that takes place at night when the temperature is below freezing. We hope you will join us for this ceremony.

Interview with Yuriko Takagi

Behind the Exhibition


I have long vaguely imagined that due to some action, the cosmos (order = universe) was born out of chaos. In other words, in my mind, chaos and order possessed a causal relationship . But then, as I began to look at natural phenomena through the lens I began to "realize" that perhaps chaos and cosmos coexist simultaneously. Much more than what we generally accept on a daily basis the providence of the universe is surprisingly far more complex and detailed. I think that the characteristics (phenomena) of each substance as well as life may be a methodology for survival in this universe. From time to time these phenomena appear visually through the lens. MMM* are hidden in natural phenomena that cannot be seen or noticed by the naked eye. At some point, I began to receive them as small messages through the mechanism of the camera. I call these messages “chaoscosmos.”
Note) M:magical M:mysterious M:miracle —— Photographer Yuriko Takagi

the beginning

icing process_A6A4803

the geoglyph

the geoglyph of icing process

specimen boxes

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icing process × the inner mental process of a printer

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Yuriko Takagi (Photographer)
Born in Tokyo. Studied graphic design at Musashino Art University in Tokyo and fashion design at Trent Polytechnic in England, then became a photographer focusing on human existence — a unique perspective involving fashion and the body. Has a growing interest in mysteries of natural phenomena. New challenges include an approach incorporating video for her chaoscosmos project.
collection: National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (Japan), Kobe Fashion Museum (Japan), Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo (Japan), Shanghai Art Museum (China)
publication: Nus intimes (Yobisha), In and Out of Mode (Gap Japan), skin (Fuyosha), Confused Gravitation (Bijutsushuppansha), Sei (Edition Xavier Barral), etc.

Yuriko Takagi photography exhibition:
chaoscosmos vol.1 — icing process —

October 7 – November 28, 2022
GYRE GALLERY, GYRE 3F, 5-10–1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
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