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Ever astounded by sakura’s ephemerality and purity


For a long time I vaguely envisaged cosmos (order) emerging from chaos as the result of something acting on it. That would signify some sort of causal relationship between chaos and cosmos. One day, when I was capturing natural phenomena through a lens, I noticed something that made me think that chaos and cosmos may have a different relationship, emerging simultaneously. The workings of the cosmos have a much greater profusion of complexity, detail, and surprise than our vague everyday understanding suggests. I’m beginning to think that each form of matter, and each characteristic (or phenomenon) of life may be a methodology that sustains the existence of our cosmos. Such phenomena occasionally become visible through the lens. After a certain time, the MMM concealed in natural phenomena, invisible or unnoticed to the naked eye, became a message that could be received through the mechanism that the camera provides. I decided to call that message “chaoscosmos.”
MMM: M magical M mysterious M miracle
Following on from icing process, sakura is the second volume of chaoscosmos.

The destiny of sakura

At some point in time, we Japanese people began to expectantly anticipate the announcement that cherry blossoms are blooming. Since undergoing the influence of the national culture of the Heian period (794-1185), cherry blossoms seem to have come to occupy such a special position that they have become synonymous with flowers in general. Japanese people dearly love cherry blossoms. For more than a decade, I have been photographing cherry blossoms from my own perspective, being tossed at the mercy of their transience and grace. Rather than hear the news of the cherry blossoms flowering, I prefer to know when they will begin to fall. It is a once-a-year opportunity. I am intrigued by the fate of these flowers, which bloom proudly and gorgeously and then scatter fleetingly. Then, seven years ago, by chance, I encountered a place 1,000 meters above sea level over which two 150-year-old mountain cherry trees towered like the masters of the land, and I decided immediately to move there. It happened so suddenly that I can only believe that I was called. Since I began living with these huge cherry trees, I have become even more attentive to their rapid transformations. I would like everyone to witness these secret states of being which the cherry blossoms allow us to observe through the lens.

Photographer Yuriko Takagi

  • sakura 2016
sakura 2016
  • Top left: sakura 2012 / Top right: sakura 2016 / Bottom left: sakura 2023 / Bottom right: sakura 2012
    Top: sakura 2016 / Middle Left: sakura 2012
    Middle Right: sakura 2012 / Bottom: sakura 2023
Yuriko Takagi (Photographer)
Born in Tokyo. Studied graphic design at Musashino Art University in Tokyo and fashion design at Trent Polytechnic in England, then became a photographer focusing on human existence—a unique perspective involving fashion and the body. Has a growing interest in mysteries of natural phenomena. Current challenges include incorporating video into the chaoscosmos project. Based in Japan, has also filmed in other parts of Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East.
2022 chaoscosmos vol.1 — icing process, GYRE GALLERY
2023 Christian Dior Designer of Dreams, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
(Shooting haute couture archives for Japan catalogue and venue presentation)

Collections: National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (Japan), Kobe Fashion Museum (Japan), Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo (Japan), Shanghai Art Museum (China)

Nus intimes (Yobisha), In and Out of Mode (Gap Japan), skin (Fuyosha), Confused Gravitation (Bijutsushuppansha), Sei (Editions Xavier Barral), etc.

Yuriko Takagi photography exhibition:
chaoscosmos vol.2 -sakura-

March 1 – April 29, 2024
GYRE GALLERY, GYRE 3F, 5-10–1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Navi Dial 0570-05-6990 (11:00–18:00)
papalagi studio
Graphic design:
Rikako Nagashima, Mio Kawakubo (village®)
Venue design:
Shiho Minami (GullineL (multi-dimensional team))
Yasuo Inoue, Nao Okai (MGS Lighting)
PR direction:
Awagami Factory
Materials cooperation:
Komatsu Matere
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Tel. 03.5771.8808 | Fax. 03.5410.8858
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