GYRE’s Restaurant Floor to Reopen as “GYRE.FOOD”


GYRE's Restaurant Floor to Reopen as "GYRE.FOOD"

GYRE opened in 2007. It was designed by the Netherlands-based architecture firm MVRDV as a dynamic complex to lure visitors and draw in new energy.
The name comes from the term for a circulating, spiraling eddy that pulls things into its center. This is tied to GYRE’s "SHOP & THINK" concept of a more socially conscious form of shopping, asking shoppers to consider how their shopping behavior connects them with the world. This unique approach for a commercial facility attracted worldwide acclaim and has grown a committed customer base.
In November 2019 the GYRE fourth floor will be born anew as "GYRE.FOOD," a 1,000m2 space that brings together a fine dining establishment, all-day dining restaurant, and bar as well as a grocery shop and event space as a cohesive unit.The outlets on the "one floor, one concept" restaurant floor are all rooted in the same "SHOP & THINK” purpose.
The GYRE.FOOD space and overall concept has been developed by GYRE's Executive Director Kayoko Hirao/Founder and president of HiRAO INC and chef Yuri Nomura and Kai Tanaka. Nomura is involved in a wide range of food-related activities, including "restaurant eatrip,” which she opened in an older stand-alone house in the Meiji Jingu-mae area of Harajuku. Tanaka is known for his involvement with "The Open Book," a Golden Gai district bar that specializes in lemon sours. Ryoma Shida, who trained in Paris and refined his skills as a sous chef at ESqUISSE in Ginza, is responsible for food direction at the restaurants. Architect Tsuyoshi Tane, who is based in France (Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane Architects) is responsible for the space design.
GYRE.FOOD is Tsuyoshi Tane's first restaurant project in Japan.

PRE OPEN 2019/11/30(Sat)
GRAND OPEN 2020/1/10(Fri)

Fine dining: élan  18:00~21:00(LO)

All day dining: Eureka 11:00~22:00(LO)

Bar: fünklein 11:00~23:30(LO)

Grocery & Experience : eatrip soil