Spreading the joy of honey

Mizutani Beefarm established in 1912,
manages a new honey lifestyle brand “Tamitu” ,and just has opened its first
laboratory and café .
The main product of Tamitu “Herbal Honey”—its own mix of pure honey with
herbs and spices—is produced and sold in the shop and offered at the cafe.
The honey is noteworthy for its unique fragrance and its rich taste and
the fact that it easily dissolves and doesn’t crystallize.
It easily dissolves in cold soda, milk, and even alcoholic beverages, and it can
also be used as food seasoning.
The cafe's menu offers a number of ways to try the Herbal Honey. For example,
it can be added to coffee made from specially roasted beans or poured
generously over toast or soft-serve ice cream.
* Please note that products and menu items using honey cannot be given to
children under one year of age.

11:00 - 20:00



Meticulously crafted herbal honey,
for health and beauty

We want to make honey more familiar.
With that in mind, we've set up a laboratory at Tamitu. Several days a week,
you can observe the processes involved in making each of our herbal honeys.
Using Tamitu's own manufacturing methods,
herbs and spices are mixed into carefully-selected pure honey to reflect themes
such as beauty, protect, healing, and empower, yielding a variety of herbal honeys.

In 1958, third generation owner Tami Mizutani began selling honeys bottled by
hand, separated according to the flowers that the bees visited to produce them.
The name of this forebear who did so much to spread the word about the
limitless appeal of honey lives on today in the Tamitu brand name.