There's the tiger... And there's the bear. At the end of this year, KENZO continues to celebrate one of its major inspirations, wildlife, by honouring a much-loved animal: the polar bear. Thus the polar bear capsule was born. Based on an archive print from the 90s, the polar bear motifgives a cool and fun touch to the original. Jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, tee-shirts and accessories make up a wardrobe worthy of a winter’s tale.

Resistant "outerwear", this capsule, which combines technical materials and ultra-soft mohair, is also enhanced with stylised and ultra-contemporary motifs: close-ups of polar bears in a palette of "arctic" tones, in snow white or glacier grey.

                   Polar Bear Down Jacket ¥117,700(税込)

                   Polar Bear Intersia Jumper \71,500(税込)