Tamitu notice of opening.


7/16 (Sat) Tamitu Opening Notice

Be healthy and beautiful. A new era of honey begins.

New honey style “Tamitu” proposed by Mizutani beefarm founded in 1912 has opened the first store as a laboratory and cafe.

Just as a single flower can brighten up a familiar living room,

a spoonful of sweetness can give vitality to the body and mind.

Formulated with herbs ,spices and pure honey “Herbal honey” is a honey that colors your life ,like choosing a perfume every day , like a daily supplement for yourself.

The store has 3 areas: shop,laboratory and cafe.

In addition to shopping and tasting , we also have a menu that you can experience “Herbal honey”, such as honey toast and honey soda.

Please enjoy Tamitu with your five senses.