Where did the clothes you and I are wearing now come from and where do they go?
How were they produced and how will they be disposed of? Earth’s natural resources are taken and made into a piece of clothing for us to wear. For every piece of clothing we let go of, it either finds a way to be reused or will be disposed of.

The meaning of creating and wearing clothes has changed dramatically; from an era where we dressed ourselves by using natural resources (such as plants and animals) collected from around us to an era in which we wear clothing that has been made by someone else from around the world.

We rarely see that our act of choosing and wearing a piece of clothing has an impact on society. We do not hear the voices of those who make their living creating clothes. We hope that through this exhibition, you could feel the invisible and inaudible aspects of fashion.

              June 4th,2023[Sun]~June 29th,2023[Thu]
                  GYRE GALLERY(3F GYRE)