Knitwear for Contemporary Life

As CFCL's first flagship store,
this is a concept store that serves as a venue for constant experimentation.
The store carries the brand's entire product line―items for women, men, and kids―
and conveys a unique worldview.
The CFCL brand name is the abbreviation for Clothing For Contemporary Life.
Creative director Yusuke Takahashi takes full advantage of 3D computer knitting technology
to create clothing that combines the comfort of knitwear with a definite elegance.
CFCL has built a sound supply chain conscious of environmental and other ethical issues,
and is the first Japanese apparel brand to become a Certified B Corporation.

11:00 - 20:00



Responsible Fashion With Sophistication and Functionality for Everyday Wear
The store interior is based on a blue-gray palette evocative of the brand's signature colors.
The floor and walls are hard, yet finished with delicate textures, echoing the modernity of CFCL's clothing.
This minimalistic space designed by MMA Inc. is furnished with modular fixtures from USM Haller,
expanding the possibilities for freely changing the displays by arranging and combining the fixtures.
The knitwear pieces stretch well, but are also elegant.
Care is easy, as they can be laundered in a home washing machine.
They are made using recycled materials that are certified by international standards,
taking care to ensure traceability.
CFCL proposes products necessary for future lifestyles,
based on the fulfillment of such conditions.