Take a deeper look at how Visvm sees the world

This is the flagship shop for designer Hiroki Nakamura’s Visvim.
It stocks the latest collection from footwear
and other wear to accessories and fragrances.
The lineup includes the WMV ladies line in addition to the visvim men’s line.
Use of recycled timber for the floor creates a tasteful ambience,
and is combined with hon-shikkui plaster walls
and antique furnishings from around the world.
The harmony between all these elements projects a worldview
that characterizes the brand.
The shop is pleasant and airy,
and includes Visvim’s “little cloud coffee” café-in-shop.

11:00 - 20:00



Time-worn fittings and furniture weave a pleasant harmony

Shoes from the latest collection are set out on a heavy brass base.
Visvim’s flagship shop has a wide-open entrance
and is unpartitioned, containing symbolic displays.
Many of the time-worn wooden fittings and materials are imported from America.
The floorboards come from a school in Japan,
and play an essential role in making the space warm and inviting.
A closet with a built-in changing room, found in New York,
was made in the 1910s, and is designed with superb functionality,
including the ability to manually pull out and rotate the racks.
Along with items such as a patchwork of recycled fabric
sewn by Hiroki Nakamura himself, a vintage native American rug,
and Pierre Jeanneret chairs and table, it contributes to the atmosphere
that communicates Visvim’s distinctive worldview.
Outside the shop is a wooden deck where customers
can relax with a coffee from “little cloud coffee.”