CIBONE connections create a new source of lifestyle ideas

CIBONE moved to the B1 floor of GYRE from
its previous location in the Aoyama / Gaienmae neighborhood.
In conjunction with this reopening,
the entire floor has been relaunched as CONNECT.
renovated at the same time, and they have now been joined by
BACH (books), Qusamura (plants), and Big Love Records (music),
setting the stage for naturally-growing connections with CIBONE.
These connections are the sustenance that make CONNECT a
place where shops collaborate to create new value.
The floor welcomes domestic and international artists, designers, and brands,
and organizes events and exhibitions to show the world the results
of these new encounters and the chain reactions that they spark.

Operating hours
11:00 - 20:00



Unique discoveries on every visit

The CIBONE “New Antiques New Classics” concept
—which is to seek out the antiques and classics of the future—
remains unchanged, and at the new store, CIBONE puts
more emphasis on selecting an array of goods with unique appeal.
The store presents a wide assortment of objects that sparkle with
the individuality of their creators, such as
interior accessories, tableware, and works of art.
Each one represents a different expression, so that shoppers can
experience the joy of choosing something that is unique.

The twelve-sided fashion showcase at CIBONE was
designed by Koichi Futatsumata (CASE-REAL).
The base design for this floor, retained for CONNECT,
was produced by Jo Nagasaka (Schemata Architects)
when HAY TOKYO opened in 2018.
CIBONE’s original Gaienmae store was designed by
Keisuke Nakamura (DAIKEI MILLS),
and his much-appreciated fixtures have been
relocated to the new store.

The adjacent HAY TOKYO is a retail outlet for Hay,
a Danish interior furniture and accessories brand.
This newly renovated shop contains an array of
items with plenty of appeal thanks to
their playful modern design and vivid colors.
In particular, the furniture, lighting, and wide variety of
accessories for dining and living rooms are well worth seeing.
Hay is working to ensure prompt delivery to
homes and offices by boosting its inventory in Japan.